R&R FMG’s Referral Rewards Program
(Make an introduction, earn extra money)

RRFMG’s generous rewards program handsomely compensates you for business introductions you initiate which convert into clients.

Why are you making this offer?

Nearly every customer we have came to us through word-of-mouth from our fantastic clients! Instead of spending money advertising on Google, we’d prefer using our marketing budget to reward YOU for helping us spread the word about RRFMG.!

How does your rewards program work?:

Introduce us to other businesses in need of accounting services. They can be restaurants, retail, or any business really. If they sign up as a client with RRFMG, you’ll receive a percentage of your referral’s monthly revenue for one full year. It’s that simple!

I know a business I’d like to refer to you. How do I get started?

Fill out the form below. This will formally register you as the person referring that business to us. We’ll then circle back with you shortly to discuss things in further detail.

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